Vision: to harness the curiosity and creativity of sailors and scientists to sample ocean plankton at unprecedented scales, for in depth evaluation of ocean health, biodiversity, and evolution.

NEXT EVENT: July 2018


International Workshop and Fundraising

in San Diego !

Plankton Planet (P2) is meeting at the SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography and aboard Tara

Wednesday, July 18th


P2 Team Workshop

A full day devoted to addressing P2 research millestones, progress, challenges, fundraising and next steps.

Thursday, July 19th


AM: P2 Workshop continues 

PM: Activites with Kids who will discover marine invisible life aboard Tara, through a very special microscope (read more)

5-9PM: Free Public Conference at the SCRIPPS Seaside Forum — see below (& read more)

Friday, July 20th


Welcome On Board Tara!

2-5PM: Private visits of the famous schooner

6-9PM: Invitation-only VIP reception and evening function aboard of Tara (read more)

Featured Presentations of Distinguished Speakers

Thursday, July 19th — 5-9 pm — The SCRIPPS Seaside Forum — La Jolla,  CA (more details)

J. Craig Venter


Oceans and Human Health in the Future

Colomban de Vargas


Sail4Science:  Seatizen sailing oceanography to take the pulse of our ocean

Manu Prakash


Plankton Arts: imaging and imagining the ocean microbiome

Mick Follows


Next generation ocean modelling



Plankton is the basis of the food chain for entire ocean and beyond. It produces more than 50% of oxygen that we breath. It is also a major climate regulator, absorbing manmade CO2 emissions. Ranging from viruses to animals, the biodiversity of plankton is vast, largely unexplored, and little understood.  The planet’s changing climate and ocean acidification are already impacting plankton populations.

Plankton Planet’s mission is to provide the data necessary to enhance our understanding of our evolving planet at this critical juncture. By combining this dynamic biological information about plankton populations with new models of our ocean’s systems, we will be able to better predict changes to our blue planet…..Read more

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Our Planktonauts travel the oceans collecting plankton

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