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2020 greetings for Planktonauts

Dear Planktonaut, We are very honored to count you amongst our first citizen explorersof the plankton planet. You have trusted us and offered your boat asan exceptional platform to explore the world’s oceans. You have alsoallowed us to travel along with you through your journeys,...

From Nantes to Barcelona, ​​2019 is the year of the… Planktonarium!

The planktonarium highlights the plankton ecosystem spectacular images, sculptures and videos.

From Dream to Reality

It’s Monday morning, late January 2019 at the Roscoff Biological Station as we sit together in Colomban de Vargas’ office, overlooking the sea…

Plankton Planet presented at Ocean vision 2019

Plankton Planet program presented at Ocean vision 2019

Plankton Planet aboard Tara in San Diego – USA

The Plankton Planet team was onboard Tara for his stopover in San Diego.

Great event in San Diego (USA) for Plankton Planet

Plankton Planet has organized a conference at the Scripps Seaside Forum (La Jolla, California – USA) last July 19th.

Plankton Planet event in San Diego – USA

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to learn about an Innovative Citizen Science Oceanography 2.0 – Ocean Health and Biodiversity in San Diego.

A PhD opportunity in oceanic engineering

The University of Auckland collaborates with Plankton Planet to develop a 'high-speed' plankton net for global ocean sampling through citizen sailors - (April 2016) See PhD Offer

Plankton Planet celebrated by the Royal Society of New Zealand

French and NZ teams are meeting in New Zealand to boost Plankton Planet in the South-West Pacific.

Plankton Planet was at COP 21 in Paris

The Plankton Planet team was present at Le Bourget during the COP21 to present its program of Oceanography 2.0.

Objectif Plancton

« Objectif Plancton » is a science participatory action launched by Océanopolis, with the support of boaters and scientific partners including Plankton Planet and Station Biologique de Roscoff.

After the journal ‘Science’… Walls in Paris subway!

Seen this morning by Colomban de Vargas in the hallway of the Paris metro in Montparnasse…

Key results of Tara-Oceans presented in “Science&découvertes”

Eric Karsenti, Colomban de Vargas, and other coordinators of the Tara-Oceans project, presented, in the ‘Science&découvertes’ (french magazine) of September 2015, some key results of this first holistic eco-morpho-genetic study of global plankton.

Xavier Pochon presents Plankton Planet

Cawthron Institute marine scientist, Xavier Pochon, presents Plankton Planet – an exciting new way for science and communities to take the pulse of our oceans’ biodiversity and health.

Back to marina for Gwalarn

On 27 July, the boat Gwalarn was back to the marina of Lorient after several months in the Atlantic Ocean.

Colomban explains the first spectacular results of Tara-Oceans

Colomban, director of Plankton Planet presents the first spectacular results of Tara-Oceans and announced the promises of P2, in an article in “Science ouest” magazine

When Tara become a Planktonaut

This week, TARA stopped in Roscoff on the occasion of a conference Jacques Monod. It was an opportunity for the crew to visit the Biological Station of Roscoff, to review some of the scientists who were actively involved in Tara Oceans. It was also an…

Scientific discoveries of #TaraOceans in 6 minutes

The main findings of the expedition Tara Oceans explained by the researchers themselves, following the publication of results in the prestigious scientific journal Science on 22 May.

Tour de France for the Climate — Bordeaux

On May 28 Colomban de Vargas spoke at the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce as part of the Tour de France for the Climate. At the invitation of Catherine Chabaud, Columban was able to present at a round table the latest results of Tara Oceans whose publications in Science (published May 22) and explain the importance of ocean biodiversity for French economy and industry.

New scientific publication in Science

On May 22, in a special issue of Science, an international, interdisciplinary, team of scientists (including Colomban de Vargas) maps the biodiversity of a wide range of planktonic organisms, exploring their interactions – mainly parasitic, and how they impact and are affected by their environment, primarily the temperature.


Colomban de Vargas spoke at the International Meeting ASLO standing in Granada, Spain on 26 February to present the Plankton Planet project. This conference was an opportunity to present to the international scientific community the ambitions of this new citizen science program.