Noan Le Bescot


Research Engineer & Graphic Designer – TernogLab / TernogDesign, FR

Noan Le Bescot

Instrumental Engineer, Designer

Bio sketch

Fascinated since childhood by nature and science he participated to numerous associations and «nature school». In 2007, he joined the project Tara expeditions and became assistant of communication for Tara Arctic mission. After a Masters in environment management, he returned in 2010 to the project Tara expeditions as Charge of Science Communication and Computer Network Technician Science for the loading of Tara Oceans mission. He is now a young PhD after 3 years (2011-2014) in Station Biologique de Roscoff (France). The objective of his thesis was the search for global biodiversity patterns and community structure of marine pelagic dinoflagellates across the world’s oceans using a morphogenetic sampling protocol during the Tara Ocean expedition. After 6 months spent on board Tara he is convinced that citizen science could be a very powerful tool to push further his field of research. He is completely involved in Plankton Planet project development.

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What is my work?

Involved from the beginning in this project, I am in charge of web development, visual identity, and communication.

I also work actively to optimize the sampling kit and writing scientific protocol.

I coordinate the plankton and arts component, and I realize the museography of the exhibitions.

Museography / Designer0%
Graphic Design / Web Development / Visual Identity0%