Making it all work from the boats to the laboratory

Colomban de Vargas
Research Director – CNRS, FR
Marine eco-systemics

Emmanuel Boss
Prof. – The Univ. of Maine, USA
Bio-Physical Oceanography

Manu Prakash
Associate Prof. – Stanford Univ., USA
Biophysics, Maths, Engineering

Mick Follows
Prof. – MIT, USA
Ocean and Plankton Modeling

Xavier Pochon
Group Leader – Cawthron Inst. / Univ. of Auckland, NZ
Marine Biomonitoring

Andrew E. Allen
Associate Prof. – Scripps Institution of
Oceanography, J.C. Venter Institute, USA
(Phyto)Plankton Genomics

Romain Troublé
Executive Director – Tara Expeditions Foundation

Thibaut Pollina
Bioengineer – Stanford University

Vincent Menoret
Program manager – Plankton Planet

Fabien Lombard
Associate Professor – UPMC

Sarah Romac
Engineer Molecular Biology – CNRS

Heide Friedrich
Professor – University of Auckland

Nils Medina
Product Manager – Plankton Planet

Nils Haëntjens
PhD Student – The University of Maine

Nicolas Henry
Research Engineer – CNRS

Carole Beaumont
Research Director – INSERM

David Gruber
Professor – City University New York

Sébastien Colin
Research Engineer – CNRS

Damien Guiffant
Research Engineer – CNRS

Noan Le Bescot
Research Engineer / Graphic Designer for sciences – Freelance

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